Ursina Merkt


I have always been drawn to projects that break new ground, for people driven by curiosity and imbued with creative flair. Exploring new paths and ideas with them – and for them – inspires me immensely. My academic background in communication and arts management and my extensive professional experience in running and developing diverse cultural, societal and innovative projects have made me what I am today: a creative and unconventional thinker with a love for culture – because culture shows us who we are and who we can become.

I work for cultural institutions and project initiators at the interface of culture, science and innovation, designing platforms and spaces that address the socially relevant issues of today and tomorrow. My work is guided by the interdisciplinary, the intercultural, by new approaches to process development, by knowledge transfer and by active engagement. Every project excites me in new ways: every new assignment is like an invigorating step into the unknown. That is what energises and challenges me.

My heart is set on projects that trigger positive emotions in people, that stimulate and challenge their way of thinking. Projects that point towards new horizons and new approaches, that venture into uncharted territory and help us to see the bigger picture – or that are simply quirky and unconventional.

Since 2018, my work as an independent project and cultural manager has taken me to many destinations. Switzerland is my home country, but I also spend extended periods of time abroad as the project requires. I have a special affinity for Portugal, where I am increasingly on the lookout for projects – whether originating in Switzerland or locally.