I do


As a project and cultural manager, I oversee projects at the interface of culture, science and innovation. I support and advise project initiators and cultural practitioners in the implementation of their projects. My areas of expertise are:

Project design and consulting
Project management
Project coordination and negotiation
Fundraising and grant applications
Budgeting and timelines
Project appraisal and project crisis management

No two projects are the same. As such, my commitment is tailored to suit the size and duration of each project.
Tazar Switzerland
Project development and Co-direction of Tazar Switzerland. Tazar is an environmental organisation based in Kyrgyzstan. Tazar Switzerland focuses on knowledge and information exchange between the two countries and develops and implements projects in the fields of climate and nature as well as infrastructure and technology. Winterthur – Switzerland / Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan.
Give a Shit
Project manager and curator for Give a Shit, an interdisciplinary awareness-raising platform and internationally working action group focusing on sustainable urban water management and sanitation. Give a Shit works in the fields of artivism (art and activism), education, research and consultancy. Member of the core team, Lisbon, Portugal.
Arte Terra Clima Foundation
Project manager for the development and CEO of the non-profit foundation Arte Terra Clima, which supports artistic-scientific projects on climate change and transformation in Switzerland and abroad, Zurich.
Project manager for the development and implementation of various formats of the art and culture association lux&ludus, Bern.
Diaspora Lab
Project manager for the development of the Diaspora Lab, a social innovation lab designed to mobilise the Western Balkan diaspora in Switzerland. Member of the core team and co-lead, Bern. 2021/2022
Consultancy and project financing services for GingerEnsemble, an experimental music and performance ensemble, Bern. 2021/2022
Sequerciani Arte Clima
Project manager for the development of Sequerciani Arte Clima, an art, performance and science platform to address the challenges of climate change. Tuscany, Italy. 2020/2021.
100 years of Armin Schibler Concert Series
Consultancy and project financing services for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Armin Schibler, Zurich, concert series 2020/2021.
ensemble metanoia
Production manager for ensemble metanoia. Performance ensemble that draws on the latest audio trends in a fusion of composed, improvised and electronic music, Zurich, 2019-2021.
The Other Kabul exhibition
Project manager of The Other Kabul – a contemporary art exhibition project by curator Susann Wintsch, Zurich, 2019-2020.
Participatory projects for the Kalkbreite Cooperative
From 2018 to 2020, coordination of participatory cultural and social projects for the Kalkbreite Cooperative, Zurich. Management and facilitation of the neighbourhood work group Verein Brache Zollstrasse. Project development and implementation of an urban open space in Zürich city centre for locals to pursue social and cultural activities.
Zirkusquartier Zürich
Consultancy work for Zirkusquartier Zürich relating to its new building in the future Kochquartier, Zurich.
KOSMOS Culture House
Project manager for Kosmos-Kultur AG, 2013-2017. In charge of the development, construction and launching of the multipurpose arts centre, Kulturhaus KOSMOS in Zurich. KOSMOS had six arthouse screening rooms, an events room, a book salon with a café, a bistro and a club. It opened in September 2017.
Kunsthalle Zürich
Marketing and communications manager of the Kunsthalle Zürich exhibition centre, which showcases and promotes international contemporary art. 2011-2012.
Feature film and television productions
Production and post-production coordinator for various feature films and television productions, 2004 – 2009. She, a Chinese (Xiaolu Guo), Helen (Sandra Nettelbeck), Auf der anderen Seite (Fatih Akin), Luk’s Glück (Ayse Polat), Lauf der Dinge (Rolf S. Wolkenstein), Serengeti (Reinhard Radke), Die Geschichte Norddeutschlands (Christoph Weinert, Ingo Helm)